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      Bob Odenkirk is recovering after "experiencing a heart-related incident" on the set of Better Call Saul.

      On Tuesday (July 27th) night, the two-time Emmy winner collapsed on the set of the AMC drama and was rushed to a New Mexico hospital. The incident was followed by well wishes from costars like Breaking Bad's Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul, Better Call Saul's Michael McKean and Mr. Show's David Cross.

      Odenkirk's son Nate chimed in on Wednesday night (July 28th), writing, "He's going to be okay."

      A statement from the actor's reps to Deadline elaborated saying, "We can confirm Bob is in stable condition after experiencing a heart related incident. He and his family would like to express gratitude for the incredible doctors and nurses looking after him, as well as his cast, crew and producers who have stayed by his side. The Odenkirks would also like to thank everyone for the outpouring of well wishes and ask for their privacy at this time as Bob works on his recovery."

      At the time of the incident, Odenkirk was in the middle of filming the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul.


      Mila Kunis regrets telling Ashton Kutcher that he couldn't go to space.

      Earlier this month, the That 70s Show actor revealed to Mashable that he had a ticket to ride in one of Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic flights but gave it up after Kunis told him it wasn't a "smart family decision."

      The Bad Moms star told People that he had told her about the ticket when the first started dating but didn't demand he sell it until after she had their second child in 2016.

      She remembered telling her husband, "I was all so hormonal, and I was like, 'You can't, you're going to die. The thing's going to explode and you're going to die — and you're going to leave me with the babies.'"

      Kunis added that as a Star Trek fan, she regrets not letting him go and said, "I want everybody to know I probably would have let him to go to space now, but now it's too late."


      Emma Roberts used Instagram to express gratitude to her fans for making her go viral after 30.

      Last weekend (July 24th), the American Horror Story actress posted a video of herself in a green dress smiling and laughing at the camera. People all over social media captioned the clip with hilarious and sometimes dark captions like, "The movie detective's dead wife in a home video."

      On Tuesday (July 27th) she shared a screenshot of the video to her Instagram Story, writing, "Me going viral after 30. Thank you gays and whoever else."


      Henry Winkler called a woman he hasn't seen in more than 60 years to wish her a happy 101st birthday.

      Natalie Lebovitz-Zaidenberg, the events sales manager at Tavern on the Green told Page Six that her grandmother Florence Keller lived in the same building as the Happy Days star in the ‘50s – when he was about 10 years old.

      Lebovitz-Zaidenberg said, "My grandmother has Alzheimer's, but whenever she watches TV and he comes on, she goes, ‘It's Henry,' and gets very excited … Sometimes she doesn't remember us so it's really special."

      She shared her grandmother's story with a private Facebook group full of high-profile publicists and editors who managed to get her in touch with the 75-year-old actor.

      The grateful granddaughter told the outlet, "He called and he was lovely. He just said he wished her a happy birthday, and said he appreciates that we have followed his career this whole time. They spoke for about five minutes. We were all excited."


      Ruby Rose landed in the ER after having complications from surgery.

      The 35-year-old former Batwoman actress shared the news in her Instagram Story Tuesday (July 27th), saying she called an ambulance to take her to the hospital but it took hours for the paramedics to find a ER that would admit her.

      She revealed, "They'd been rejecting people all night. And my case was quite serious — we stuck it out for a little bit longer, and we were lucky enough to get accepted by a hospital after a bit of a standoff."

      Rose was eventually admitted and treated but pleaded with fans to get vaccinated in order to prevent others from being rejected at the emergency room doors.


      CHRIS HEMSWOTH WORKS OUT WITH DAUGHTER: Chris Hemsworth revealed "the ultimate family workout" on Instagram Tuesday (July 27th), claiming "all you need is a child, a skateboard, a horse and a Can Do attitude." The attached video shows the Thor star holding his daughter India's hand and pulling her around a track on her skateboard. In a second clip, his wife holds the reigns of a pony while their daughter enjoys the ride.

      CHRIS HARRISON IS THRIVING POST-BACHELOR: Chris Harrison is feeling good about life after The Bachelor. The television personality told TMZ that he is "doing great" and he wishes everyone "the best." In particular, he mentioned that he's thrilled to have his Monday nights back because it allowed him to celebrate his 50th birthday with family and friends.

      ALICIA WITT RECALLS BEING TOLD TO LOSE WEIGHT: Alicia Witt recently told Page Six that she "can't even count" the number of times she was told to lose weight. The Law & Order: Criminal Intent star said it started when she was "a young teenager" and that in the 90s, "it was considered no big deal to say to a woman, ‘You should lose 15 pounds, you should lose 20 pounds.'" Now, she says she doesn't even own a scale and only finds out how much she weights at her annual physical.

      RON POPEIL DEAD AT 86: Ron Popeil, the "set it and forget it" infomercial star, died Wednesday (July 28th) at the age of 86. His family told TMZ that he had a medical emergency on Tuesday (July 27th) and died the following morning surrounded by family at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical center. the New York City-native founded the Ronco company in 1964, and is credited with coining the infomercial phrase, "But wait, there's more!"


      'ARTHUR' TO WRAP AFTER SEASON 25: Arthur, the PBS children's show based on the books by Marc Brown, will wrap after it's 25th season. One of the show's writers broke the news on the Finding D.W podcast. According to Kathy Waugh, the show actually wrapped production on the series finale episode two years ago. IGN reports that season 25 will premiere in the winter of 2022.

      JOE MANGANIELLO JOINS AMC SPACE DRAMA: TVLine reports that former True Blood star Joe Manganiello has joined AMC's six-episode space drama Moonhaven. The suspense thriller centers on Bella Sway, a lunar cargo pilot and smuggler 100 years in the future who finds herself accused of a crime and marooned on Moonhaven. Manganiello will play the series regular role of Tomm Schultz, an ex-military man with a philosophical bent who serves as the right hand of the lead Earth diplomat to the Moon.

      PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS TO AIR IN DECEMBER: The 2021 People's Choice Awards will air simultaneously on E! and NBC on Tuesday, December 7th. This is the fourth consecutive year the PCAs have been broadcast on the cable network but the first time it has also been simulcast on NBC.

      JENNIFER GARNER SIGNS ON FOR 'YES DAY' SEQUEL: Jennifer Garner has struck a multi-picture deal with Netflix, including a sequel to Yes Day. The actress said in a statement shared with Deadline, "I had the most gratifying, creative experience bringing Yes Day to life. Seeing Netflix's global reach as the Torres family wreaked havoc in homes all over the world makes me eager to dive in with another Day of Yes; I can't wait. I am grateful for Netflix's continued support and look forward to mixing it up across the board with this partnership."