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      Prince William and Prince Harry are still at odds, sources tell Page Six. The pair "insisted" on giving separate speeches at the unveiling of a statue of their late mother, Princess Diana. Insiders are concerned that they're not putting on a "united front."

      They were widely expected to reunite in July for the unveiling. "You might have thought they'd go for a joint statement and speech but that's not the case. Each has insisted on preparing their own," a source told The Sun.


      Followers of the royal family are wondering if Prince Charles meant to snub Meghan when wishing her son, his grandson Archie, a happy birthday.

      "Happy birthday to Archie, who turns two today," he captioned a photo of himself with son Harry and grandson Archie. Followers noted that Meghan was noticeably absent in his dedication, while she appeared in other royal birthday dedications.

      "Sad! Very sad state of affairs when the supposed future king cuts the mother of his grandchild out of the photo with which he chooses to share," wrote one critic. "Yes, they haven't seen Archie for over 12mnths, but to not include Meghan… it'll only add fuel to the fire of the tabloids. #Archie."

      "Lovely picture, but where is Meghan on the picture?" another added.

      "Why would you not call him your grandson and why cut his mother off?" wrote yet another. "You have made a lot of mistakes yourself or have you forgotten that. This is not helping at all."

      Charles is reportedly "fuming" over Meghan and Harry's tell-all with Oprah Winfrey, in which they accused royals of racism, and thinking that Charles and Harry's brother William were "trapped."


      Meghan, meanwhile, is speaking out for women. She told VAX Live: "Women, and especially women of color, have seen a generation of economic gain wiped out. Since the pandemic began, nearly five-and-a-half million women have lost work in the U.S. And 47 million more women around the world are expected to slip into extreme poverty."

      "My husband and I are thrilled to soon be welcoming a daughter. It's a feeling of joy we share with millions of other families around the world. When we think of her, we think of all the young women and girls around the globe who must be given the ability and the support to lead us forward," Meghan said. "Their future leadership depends on the decisions we make and the actions we take now to set them up, and set all of us up, for a successful, equitable, compassionate tomorrow. We want to make sure that as we recover, we recover stronger. That as we rebuild, we rebuild together. Thank you."


      Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is speaking out about mental health after the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office downgraded his felony charge of domestic abuse against girlfriend Saffire Matos to a potential misdemeanor.

      On IG Stories he shared a quote: "It's okay to feel unstable. It's okay to disassociate. It's okay to hide from the world. It's okay to need help, It's okay to not be okay. Your mental illness is not a personal failure."

      Ortiz-Magro was previously arrested multiple times for abusing his now-ex Jen Harley, with whom he shares a child. He was hit with seven misdemeanors, including domestic violence in 2020.


      Marvel's Black Widow, starring Scarlett Johansson, was set to open this weekend, but Disney moved it to July 9th because of the box office's still-slow activity level. Wrath of Man, starring Jason Statham, ruled the B.O. instead, bringing in $8 million this weekend.

      "This was a smart acquisition by MGM. Getting to work with Bill Block and Miramax was great. They were very supportive of the marketing and dating strategy. We took advantage of the Mother's Day weekend as soon as Black Widow moved," UAR President Erik Lomis told Deadline.

      Demon Slayer and Mortal Kombat were next, with $3.05 million and $2.275 million each respectively.


      Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her husband Jeremy Vuolo are horrified by the latest accusations leveled against her brother Josh Duggar. The father of six was arrested on charges of receiving and possessing child pornography, six years after the story of him allegedly molesting children, including a few of his sisters, became public.

      Insiders tell People that they are "horrified and disgusted."

      "Being a family themselves, the idea of these kinds of charges against Josh are a horrific thing. Jinger is having a hard time coping with it," says the source.

      Though the scandal has "taken an emotional toll" on the couple, according to the source, the Counting On stars are focusing on their own family, including daughters Felicity, 5, and Evangeline, 5 months.

      Josh was released from jail Thursday and has pleaded not guilty. He was granted unlimited with his six children as long as his wife Anna, who is pregnant, is there. He may not see any other minor children.


      Kate Winslet is here for Wawa. The British actress said that while researching her role in Mare of Easttown, she subscribed to a local Delaware County, Penn. And visited a Wawa. She told the LA Times' "Envelope" podcast: "It almost felt like a mythical place, Wawa. And so by the time I got there, I was like, ‘Oh, it's real!' It was like Lapland," she said, laughing.

      "Walking into a Wawa ultimately felt, it was kind of an honor in a funny way because to me, that was the heart of Delco. To finally walk through the door of a Wawa, I felt like, ‘Ah, yes, I'm here! I belong! This is where it's at!' Wawa."

      On Twitter, many understood her love of Wawa. Wrote one: "The @Tastekake display" is "life changing," while another suggested another icon: "Imagine her reaction going to Bucc-ees for the first time..."


      ELON MUSK REVEALS HE HAS ASPERGER'S: Elon Musk hosted Saturday Night Live Saturday, and delivered a classic opening monologue, with a surprise twist at the end. Musk said that he's the first SNL host with Asperger's syndrome, "or at least the first to admit it," a reference to Dan Akroyd, who was a member of the cast and hosted in 2003 after leaving. Akroyd also has Asperger's, which is considered to be a mild form of Autism.

      GAL GADOT CONFIRMS JOSS WHEDON RUMORS: Gal Gadot confirmed rumors that Joss Whedon was nasty to her during the filming of 2017's Justice League. She told N12: "He kind of threatened my career and said if I did something, he would make my career miserable and I just took care of it instead." Whedon has come under fire for mistreating a range of actors, including Ray Fisher.

      SATC ROUNDS OUT CAST: The hotly anticipated Sex and the City revival on HBO Max, titled And Just Like That …. will feature a more diverse cast. A source tells ET: "They are looking to cast two Black women and one South Asian woman for these roles." Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis will reprise their roles, though Kim Cattrall will not return.

      LAKEITH STANFIELD APOLOGIZES: LaKeith Stanfield is expressing remorse after appearing in an anti-Semitic chat on Clubhouse. "I condemn hate speech and discriminatory views of every kind. I unconditionally apologize for what went on in that chat room, and for allowing my presence there to give a platform to hate speech," LaKeith Stanfield wrote in an apology posted to his Instagram account early Saturday morning. "I am not an anti-Semite nor do I condone any of the beliefs discussed in that chat room." He was featured in a Clubhouse room featuring Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan, when the talk turned anti-Semitic. "At some point during the dialogue the discussion took a very negative turn when several users made abhorrent anti-Semitic statements and at that point, I should have either shut down the discussion or removed myself from it entirely."

      TAWNY KITAEN DIES AT 59: Julie E. "Tawny" Kitaen, who starred in Whitesnake videos and as Tom Hanks' fiancé in Bachelor Party, has died at age 59. She died in her Newport Beach, CA home Friday. Her "real" name is listed as Tawny Finley, and the cause of death has not yet been released.

      EMMA THOMPSON FEELS FREE: Emma Thompson says that turning 60 really helped her find herself. In her interview with British Vogue, the two-time Academy Award winner, 62 said "I think what I feel principally now is free" in a new chapter of life. "I am uncomfortable trying to look slim and fashionable because I am not, and now it's allowed that I am not," she said, noting that she'd rather perform than pose. "I fancy a bit of fun."


      CINEMARK REACHES NEW DEAL ON THEATRICAL WINDOW: Cinemark has reached new agreements with give studios that will formalize a shorter theatrical window, Variety reports. Cinemark said it now has agreements with Warner Bros. Picture Group, The Walt Disney Company, Paramount Pictures, Universal and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Cinemark is thrilled to have reached new agreements with our major studio partners, and we are eager to continue providing movie fans an immersive, larger-than-life cinematic environment to see major upcoming films, ranging from the biggest blockbusters to specialty fare to family-friendly content," said Cinemark CEO Mark Zoradi. "In our ongoing efforts to maximize attendance and box office during the pandemic and beyond, our goal is to provide the widest range of content with terms that are in the best long-term interests of Cinemark, our studio partners and moviegoers. We are pleased with these recent developments and are confident we are taking positive steps toward reigniting theatrical exhibition and evolving the industry for a post-pandemic landscape."

      DON'T BE TARDY NO MORE: Kim Zolciak-Bierman's Don't Be Tardy has been canceled after eight seasons on Bravo. "We have enjoyed watching the incredible journey of Kim, Kroy and their entire family who grew up right before our eyes. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to share their life and all the touching moments with our audience. While ‘Don't Be Tardy…' will not be returning for another season, the Biermanns will always be part of the Bravo family and we look forward to seeing what's next," a Bravo spokesperson said in a statement to Deadline. The show followed the life of Kim, her husband Kroy Biermann, daughters Brielle, Ariana and the youngest Biermanns Kaia, Kane, Kash, and KJ.

      TYLER PERRY FILLS OUT A JAZZMAN'S BLUES: Amirah Vann, Austin Scott, Milauna Jackson, Brent Antonello, Brad Benedict, Kario Marcel, Lana Young and Ryan Eggold are joining Joshua Boone and Solea Pfeiffer in Netflix's A Jazzman's Blues. Tyler Perry is writing and directing.

      AMC IS BETTING BIG ON STREAMING: AMC Networks execs are confident that niche streaming is their ticket to success. Production for linear networks and streaming platforms "is back in full swing," COO Ed Carroll said, via Deadline. For the first time ever, he noted, three TWD series are in production at the same time: along with the mothership franchise, the trio includes Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: The World Beyond. Their streaming portfolio, including Acorn and ALLBLK, is expanding outside the U.S. By 2025, AMC projects reaching 20-25 million subscribers.